Virunga Mt. Gorillas   - Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.

Of the remaining 800 gorillas half of them can be found in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda where mountain gorilla trekking remains the flagship of tourism in Rwanda. Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda are generaly habituated on the slopes of five volcanoes namely Gahinga, Sabyinyo, Bisoke, Muhabura and Karisimbi. The population of the Mountain gorillas in Rwanda has been steadily increasing since the awareness campaign started by the late Dian Fossey and the tireless efforts of the current Rwandan government towards curbing the poaching of the endangered mountain gorillas. The local communities have been benefiting directly from the gorilla trekking proceeds thus creating a peaceful and beneficial co- existence between man and these rare endangered species. Mountain gorillas are man’s closest genetic relatives in the animal kingdom. The latest research confirms that humans and gorillas are about 98 percent identical on a genetic level but what makes the mountain gorilla man’s closest relative goes beyond the fact that we share similar genes or even the fact that like humans gorillas have individual finger prints, they too can display emotions of happiness or anger and even display similar body language. A tourist recalls witnessing a mountain gorilla relate in sign language a painful story about how its parents were killed. Mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda should be on everyone’s bucket list and its only upon an encounter with a fully matured silverback gorilla can one understand the magnificence of this gentle creature

      Mountain Gorilla Groups

We currently have 18 habituated mountain gorilla groups in Rwanda of which 10 mountain gorilla groups have been set aside for vital research on these magnificent apes and the remaining 8 groups of mountain gorillas are available for mountain gorilla trekking.The current convention for naming mountain gorilla groups in Rwanda tends to be derived from either the name of the leading silverback gorilla or the particular area that the mountain gorilla group is habituated in. The 8 mountain gorilla groups available for trekking in Rwanda are: Susa, Karisimbi(Susa B), Sabyinyo, Amahoro, Group 13 Agashya, Kwitonda, Umubano, Hirwa, Bwenge, Ugenda family. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out more on mountain gorilla groups in Rwanda or enquire to find out how you can visit a particular group during your gorilla trekking in Rwanda

     Gorilla trekking in Rwanda  - Trekking the volcanoes of Rwanda

Mountain Gorillas trekking in Rwanda Mountain Gorillas trekking in Rwanda is conducted in volcanoes national park where a daily quota is limited to 64 persons. The number of visitors is limited so as to uphold the current conservation policies. Visiting the mountain gorillas in Rwanda entails booking a gorilla permit beforehand which is usually handled by a tour operating company of choice or purchase directly from the RDB/ Tourism and conservation department. The Rwanda mountain gorilla trekking permit cost 750 US dollars per person and this offers you one hour in the company of the mountain gorillas excluding the trekking time. For mountain gorilla enthusiast the gorilla trekking is not enough without visiting the neighboring research centers that provide extensive information on these endangered primates. Accommodations for both luxury and budget tourists is available and can also be confirmed through any tour operating company listed below.

     The 'Kwitizina'  - Gorilla Naming Ceremony

The 'kwitizina' gorilla naming ceremony is an annual ceremony that offers Gorilla enthusiasts a chance to name a new born mountain gorilla in Rwanda. This has in the last ten years atracted gorilla enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to trekk the volcanoes and meet its inhabitants the mountain gorillas. This increased popularity and visits in the last ten years has directly impacted the country's economy as well as supported the conservation of the mt. gorillas in Rwanda. The naming ceremony is a fun packed event celebrated in Rwandan culture that strives to recognize the efforts of individuals as well as organizations who have contributed to the conservation of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and the well being of the local communities. For more information on how you can experience gorilla trekking in Rwanda and be part of this amazing Kwitizina gorilla naming event please contact our representatives.

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    Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is a safari with a difference. We take you to deep in the heart of Africa to an altitude of 2500m above sea to have a remarkable close encounter with a group of mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park. Also visit the Kalisoke Research center and get an indepth look into the lives of these great apes

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    Come experience the ultimate gorilla trekking package that combines trekking the mountain gorillas and the gorilla naming ceremony. meet both the gorillas and the enthusiast in the volcanoes of Rwanda



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